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Highlights of Your Experience

The Heart
of the Arts

Dubbed the Heart of the Arts, our hotel pays homage to the culture of the storied Overton Square neighborhood, sharing an appreciation for creative expression, great food and drink, and community.

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Highlights of Your Experience

Inspired Culinary Creations

From breakfast to nightcap, we’re here to satisfy. Stop by the travel-inspired Complicated Pilgrim, our lobby-level restaurant and gathering spot, or head upstairs to the seductive rooftop bar, Tiger & Peacock.

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Highlights of Your Experience

Thoughtfully Curated Design

A blend of early 20th-century glamour and Midtown Memphis’ eclectic style, The Memphian sparks creativity with its worldly art, food, warmth, and laughter. Think of it as a sleepover at your artsy friend’s amazing home.

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Highlights of Your Experience

State-of-the-Art Fitness Studio

Enjoy the convenience of 24-hour access to our fitness center, where you can stick to your health routine with a variety of treadmill and elliptical machines, and flex your muscle with free weights and yoga mats.

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